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There could be a number of reasons why you are looking to arrange a chocolate making corporate event. Maybe you want to motivate your team, inspire fresh ideas and inventive business strategies and encourage a little competitiveness. Perhaps you are looking for a fun indulgence as a reward for your hardworking group. Or you might just like to try your hand at being a chocolatier for the day and wish to share this experience with others. Whatever the reason, attending a chocolate workshop is a bonding team-building activity that’s both an enjoyable challenge and a tasty treat.

Our chocolate making directory below lists a number of venues throughout the UK for the chocoholic to enjoy! If you’re looking for a quirky, inventive and mouth-watering day out then look no further! has found 17 local suppliers for 'Chocolate Making' in 'UK'.

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The award winning Chocolate Craft in Hampshire offers a range of corporate events for the ultimate chocolate making experience. Combining their expertise in team building with an in-depth knowledge of chocolate, Chocolate Craft tailor to your needs using only the finest ingredients to provide an unforgettable day out.

Fun and interactive corporate events:

The Chocolate Interlude is an interactive demonstration and tasting session which is perfect for networking events, allowing you to indulge whilst you socialise for a truly nourishing experience. If you would prefer a little more interaction then why not participate in the 50 chocolate challenges workshop. This motivating, action packed team-building experience allows you and your teammates 2 hours to complete 50 chocolate challenges ranging from creative to thought provoking to wacky! Whether you’re looking for an ice breaker or just a tantalizing treat, Chocolate Craft has a variety of fun workshops to suit your needs.

Challenging and competitive corporate events:

There is a range of competitive team-building events available at Chocolate Craft. Are you trying to motivate your team and ripen their thinking strategies in the workplace? If so then Brand Designs in Chocolate or Launch Your Own Chocolate Company are the workshops for you. Working in groups you will have a short space of time to plan, create and launch a new chocolate brand or company. You’ll have to think on your feet to develop a budget, generate marketing slogans and communicate your strategies both to your team and others. These are great workshops for an existing team trying to change their approach to business as well as helping a new group of people to get to know each other and share ideas in a relaxed setting.

Creative corporate events:

If you’re looking for a laid back day filled with light hearted pleasure and the opportunity to hone your creative skills then why not try your hand at the Create your own Easter Egg workshop! Under expert guidance you’ll learn how to create your own delicious chocolate recipe using the best ingredients. You’ll also learn how to pipe with chocolate at the Lots of Lolly! and Create a chocolate bar sessions producing different coloured and textured chocolate. Whether you want to share your flair with others or work independently, you will bring home an artistic delicacy that you can be proud of.

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