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Tiverton, Devon, EX16 9JY

Welcome to Exmoor Llamas. We offer Llama walks, treks and experiences for all abilities and ages in Exmoor, Devon and Somerset.

While still an unusual and exotic activity, walking with Llamas is getting more and more popular in Britain. It is a great experience to remember and talk about for years to come.

We can now offer Llama treks in the beautiful surroundings of Exmoor at Dunster Forest in Somerset. Plus we have shorter Llama walks on our land in Devon, just outside Exmoor.

We also offer a full Llama handling experience for those of you who want a more in-depth introduction to a llama.

Finally, we are hoping to set up a Llama walk with wine tasting at a local vineyard.

Llama Trekking

Llamas are beautiful animals that come from the Andes mountains in South America. They are domisticated, and one of their 'jobs' is to carry items for people in that region.

In more recent years they have been introduced to other countries, and naturally people have wanted to go out walking with them.

You cannot ride on a Llama (although I have seen child saddles available), but Llamas can easily carry quite heavy weights. So the Llama can carry the things you need on the walk, leaving you free to enjoy a relaxing walk with a friendly handsome animal.

Llama Experience

The experience takes place on our land at Oakford in Devon, just south of Exmoor.

Taking approximately 2-3 hours, this is an experience for anyone wanting to see what it is like to look after Llamas.

We will take some time to talk about Llama history and character, plus some basics of how we try to treat and train our Llamas with respect and the minimum of stress (Llama whispering!). We will then round up, halter and groom a Llama together before taking him out for a walk (45-60 minutes). On our return we will look at the basics of Llama diet, and you will get a chance to feed a Llama.

Ideal for anyone who really wants to know what it is like to keep Llamas - whether you are just interested, or plan to get some of your own. This is for adults only, although you may be able to bring a child over 12 if pre-arranged with us.

Exmoor Llama treks in Dunster

Dunster Forest is a beautiful part of Exmoor - a fantastic mix of scenery from open hillside to dense forest, including Britain's tallest recorded tree and ancient settlements! Part of the Crown Estate, we have special permission for Llama Trekking there.

Your guide will customise your Llama walk to the weather conditions, and what type of walk you want. Lasting approximately 2-3 hours, you will have an introduction to Llamas, including their history and how to handle them. Then your walk will depart at a gentle pace, with the llamas carrying items for you, so you can just enjoy them and the scenery. At an appropriate point there will be a stop for light refreshments - for you and the Llamas!

The main aim of the trek is to relax and enjoy yourself. Your guide will do their best to answer any questions you have, and accomodate any requests - your happiness is key!

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