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Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE12 6BZ

Looking for ice rink hire for your party, public event or promotional activity?

All you need is a firm, flat piece of land where Leisure Skate can provide the ice rink you want and the fun starts there! So get your skates on and enjoy the fun of ice rink hire for less than you’d expect!

Synthetic ice rinks have many advantages...

Quick, Portable Ice Rink!

With synthetic ice rink hire there's no need to wait for water to freeze to get skating. Leisure Skate's mobile ice rinks are set up very quickly and are ready to skate on within just a few hours of the ice rink installation team arriving! Plus, there's no risk of the ice melting and no maintenance or running costs to worry about!

Mobile Ice Rinks Come In Any Size!

You can hire an ice rink of any size, from as small as 2m x 2m to as big as you like!! As an idea, an average small mobile ice rink (suitable for gardens) would be 6m x 6m. Leisure Skate have even hired ice rinks from as small as a 2m x 2m (for a modelling agency photoshoot) as well as massive ice rinks for general public events, often at Christmas.

Cheaper, Greener Ice!

Compared to real ice rinks, synthetic ice rink hire is much kinder to the environment; it's instant, everytime. To produce real ice rinks, gallons of fuel are used for generators to freeze the ice and then keep them cool, equalling lots of carbon emissions and cost. Artificial Ice equipment is better for the enviroment and costs less!

Perfect for:

  • Parties

  • Events

  • Promotions

  • Town Centres

  • Corporate / PR Events

  • Hospitality Areas

  • Festivals, Fetes, Fairs and Shows

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