Battlefield LIVE Oxford

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Battlefield LIVE Oxford

Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX14 3DA

Battlefield Live Oxford is a Live action combat gaming Simulation. If you play COD or Battlefield you will love this. You can experience this for yourself, at one of our Corporate or group sessions. Just like the latest computer games, guests will receive their mission briefing, intel on the enemy and tactics. You will Battle against others to fulfil your mission objectives as a team.

Birthday Parties

Lasergaming specialises in birthday parties with a military theme, and with Outdoor Lasergaming, your guests will be playing with the top of the range S.A.T.R digital gaming guns, built tough, with realistic sound effects, realistic weights and real scopes for a authentic combat experience!

With the Latest S.A.T.R Technology our guns are the best in the world, now with live real time feedback and our top missions and battlefield, everyone will be talking about you for weeks after your party, after you have had one of our parties, everyone will want one! We believe our customers should experience the latest technology available to them to ensure their experience is the best it can be so we do not use analogue laser guns anymore, only our S.A.T.R digital gaming guns.

Zombie Combat Night Ops

Zombie combat ops opens at Lasergaming/Battlefield Live oxford on Saturday 27th October 2012 for a 8 week run, The Ultimate Live Zombie combat gaming experience – if you have ever wondered how you would handle a zombie apocalypse, now’s your chance to find out!

Zombie combat ops is a immersive zombie gaming experience using the latest S.A.T.R gaming guns and zombie technology in our 50 acre insanely dark and creepy forest.

On Arrival, combatants will meet the zombie response team and undergo a crash course bootcamp, including a briefing on the situation, weapons training, kit up then out into the Unknown.

Your mission orders will be given to you, but be careful, you have limited ammo so don’t rush in and keep your cool. Players will get to experience being both a zombie – so hunting down the living and infecting them and a zombie hunter, so defending yourself and your team from infection resulting in zombification. Keep your eyes open though as things are not always what they seem…….

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