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Whether youíre a social busy bee who canít resist getting out and grabbing all that your community has to offer, or youíre a busy parent or employee whoís starting to feel as though lifeís passing you by, our free-to-use Events Guide could help you live your life to the max. Alternatively, perhaps youíre an events organiser whoís sick of paying high advertising costs to spread the word about a local event. If so, youíll find our Events Guide to be a total god-send because not only is it easy to use, but it also wonít cost you a penny to add your listings.

Maybe youíre a spur of the moment person? In which case, dive on in and find an event thatís taking place in your area right now! If youíre more of a precision planner, then you can search our Guide for a date (or set of dates) of your choosing and note down anything you like the look of in your diary, day planner, or calendar. Our listings will help ensure that thereís never a dull moment thanks to hundreds of exciting things to and do in your local town or city, as well as throughout the UK.

Armed with our trusty event listings, that family camping holiday youíre planning to Cornwall will be packed with more fun than you can shake a stick at. Plus, if youíre going away on a training course for work, donít let yourself be holed up in a hotel for days on end Ė use our Guide to get out and see the sights and sounds! Whilst our listings cover the whole of the UK to make sure everyone can make the best use of them, theyíre also an excellent source of local information on what to do. For example, pick a random day on the calendar, and in seconds, youíll be presented with everything from a pop-up vintage shop in Preston to a wedding show in Worcestershire, and a kidís creative writing workshop in Farnham to a dawn chorus walk in Norfolk. You might want to view the entire line-up of events in a certain area, or you may have certain hobbies and interests that youíd prefer to view. Whichever your preference, you can quickly choose to view all the listings going on in a UK location, or you can narrow down your choices using our events categories. For example, if youíre interested in corporate networking, then why not click the 'Business Events' category to see whatís in the diary for business professionals? Alternatively, if you love nothing better than going to gigs, click our 'Live Music/Concerts' category, and youíll be singing along with Shirley Bassey, grooving at a jazz night, or experiencing audible bliss at an orchestra recital before you know it.

Thanks to the hundreds of keen event organisers across the UK who use our directory, youíll never have to worry about turning up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Each event gives you specific information about entry fees, start and finish times and the exact location itís taking place, as well as a detailed description of what it entails and who you can talk to for additional information. All the events that have already occurred are archived, leaving you free to browse fresh, up-to-date and exciting things to do at home or away. Itís a simple as plugging in a location or postcode to get browsing, so why not get started right now?

Summerís not far away, so itís a great time to start planning how to make the most of outdoor events. Maybe you fancy taking part in a charity bike ride, getting crafty at a wicker basket workshop, or enjoying a public performance of a Shakespeare play in the local park with a picnic? Weíve got all this and more waiting to be explored, so jump on in and start living life to the full!

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