Brackenbury's of Brigsley

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Brackenbury's of Brigsley

Brigsley, Lincolnshire, DN37 0RF

Based in the very small village of Brigsley, in an area of outstanding natural beauty, stands our small cottage. Attached is Europe's oldest ice cream shop. The shop and factory have been producing ice cream for over 180 years; in fact, just after the Napoleonic Wars. It is believed that Mr Jaclyn (the founder of the business) was a prisoner of war based in Paris. The details are somewhat cloudy but we understand he was commandeered to the kitchens of Château de Versailles and on his safe return to the UK he brought with him the recipe for, Crème glacé or in English as we know it - ice cream. Luckily, through our garden at Brigsley runs a small chalk stream and ice was gathered from this during the winter and kept in a straw filled cellar and used during the summer for the making of ice cream.

Today things are quite different at Brigsley. We produce ice cream for hotels, restaurants, throughout a 60 mile radius of our house and shop. We also have a fleet of vans which cover the country attending agricultural shows, 1940s events, pop concerts, farmers markets and antique fairs. We were even asked to attend Buckingham Palace garden party! In the past we have been asked to attend an event at short notice. This we can normally do but the more advance notice that we are given, the safer your booking.


The ice cream recipe has been handed down over the years and has changed little over the course of time (we still use 100% Buttermilk) except for the odd adjustment to take in modern day tastes. It is rumoured, but cannot be substantiated that Walls Ice Cream offered a substantial price for the recipe. We are pleased to say that the management at the time declined this offer.

Hygiene - in days of yore was not top of the list of priorities. The product was served in penny licks, just slightly larger than a thimble. It was then passed to the next customer without having the need to wash!

With today’s hygiene standards, things are much different and all our vans and production areas have obtained 5 star rating. Our paper work, which includes method statement, risk assessment, public liability and prices are sent by email to our prospective clients.

We understand to attend your event a remuneration is payable. We also understand that you have to make a profit to put your event on year after year.

Let’s hope that we have a repeat Summer of 2014!

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