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Dark Encounters

Southsea, Hampshire, PO5 2SF

Dark Encounters, based in Southsea, offer Ghost Hunting, Ghost Walks, Ghost Weekends, Charity Ghost Hunts and Ghost Bus Trips throughout Portsmouth, Hampshire and the South of England.

Prepared to be scared?

Dark Encounters is an organisation offering the best and latest in all manner of supernatural-themed events, providing a unique, professional but friendly new perspective on the unexplained for anyone with an interest in the paranormal. Our ever-popular events and workshops, held mainly in the South of England, are designed for both complete newcomers and seasoned investigators alike, with every event allowing for teams to have the opportunity to experience all manner of spooky occurrences in some of the most haunted locations in the country. We do not rely on Mediums or gimmicks, just simply seek to ensure you have the most enjoyable evening possible and that our experienced team members are on hand throughout the night to guide you through your personal ’dark encounter.’

Paranormal Investigations – Scientific Ghost Hunts

On investigations we seek to employ a rational and scientific approach, carefully documenting and assessing all aspects of the night, and using the very latest techniques and equipment, developed in partnership with universities, to further verify and add to the validity of the investigation. These experiences are then recorded in our online Casebook of paranormal activity that everyone who attended the investigation can contribute towards, allowing not only for further consideration of evidence, but that our customer’s involvement in the investigation can continue long beyond the night itself.

Dark Encounters offers all this and yet remains a non-profit organisation, with all the money fed back into investigation research and equipment – all with the aim of improving the quality of our ever customer-focussed events.

Team Building Events

Break the mould, get out of the office, with a corporate team building event like no other. Take your team out of their comfort zones and make them think 'outside of the box’. The challenge is simple - can they work as a team in some of the most haunted locations in the United Kingdom. Our corporate team building events are designed with meticulous attention to detail to ensure that the objectives of your training are achieved. Create memories that your staff will be talking about for years to come. Our professional event staff are experts in coordinating and delivering original, fantastic programs so that you may relax, participate and enjoy together.

We guarantee courteous and professional staff who will be there to help you. What better environment can there be to create trust in a team, motivate them to go beyond their comfort zone, as well as offering a truly memorable experience.

Private parties

It is increasingly difficult to find new and original events to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. But what could be more thrilling than staying overnight in a haunted location? Looking for a social event for work – how about a private Ghost Walk in the South’s Most Haunted city? The walk around Spice Island, Old Portsmouth, can be tailored to your own requirements and our ‘inter-actors’ can pick on named persons within your team. Or how about an overnight stay in a Napoleonic Fort – telling ghostly tales by torchlight, while the real ghosts watch on?

Whatever type of event you are looking for our party planners can advise you the best type of event to suit your party or celebration.

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