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If you are looking to learn to paraglide or paramotor, you have come to the right place. We are a full time specialised school offering training in paragliding, paramotoring and equipment sales. We offer intro paragliding lessons for complete beginners or full paragliding and paramotoring courses for those that want to start a completely new way of life. Paraventure is one of the longest established full time paragliding schools in the UK with hundreds of students qualified to an unusually high standard.

Learning to Paramotor

Paramotor lessons need to taught properly and progressively. Some people advertise as being able to train a new student solo from day one on power. With over twelve years experience in operating as a full time paragliding school we can't honestly see how this can be safely achieved. Do not underestimate the techniques and knowledge you will need to acquire to fly a paramotor properly. We train students on power units once they have reached a good level of understanding and ability.

The use of the BHPA syllabus for paramotor only courses will ensure that the student does not need to waste time learning skills that won't be used under power. If a BHPA qualified paramotor student would later like to learn to hill fly they would need only to attend one of our hill conversion courses.

Paragliding - the sport of the 21st century

A paraglider may look vaguely like a parachute but probably has more in common with the hang glider. Using modern high strength materials a canopy only weights about 7kg and packs neatly into a rucksack. This makes this "aeroplane in a bag" totally portable and complements other sports such as skiing and mountaineering.

The paraglider wing is an inflatable structure. It consists of a row of tubes open at the front and closed at the back joined together side by side. The wing moving through the air keeps these tubes (or cells to give their correct name) inflated. The air goes in the front but can't get out the back. These cells are cut into the same cross sectional shape as an aeroplane wing and it is this "aerofoil" section that provides the lift to our wings. The pilot is supported underneath the wing from a web of lines, each one with the strength to support the pilot alone. These lines are then attached to risers, a strap like device that is then itself attached to the pilots harness.

Tandem air experience flights and gift vouchers

A tandem paragliding flight lasting approx 20min where you maybe offered to fly as pilot in command if conditions allow. An excellent introduction to paragliding and a very different gift. Gift vouchers for our tandem flights and other courses can be bought from the shop link to your left.

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