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Pearlcatchers was set up in 2002 to offer a fresh approach to learning, development, teambuilding and conferences. We pride ourselves on the ability to tailor our services to meet individual needs. Pearlcatchers recognise that every individual, team and business is different, so rather than offering packaged products, we specialise in creating tailored programmes for our customers. We can offer truly blended learning and are able to call upon a wide range of development techniques and methodologies – from the traditional to the innovative. We are passionate about our customers, our services and everything we do. Our product range is diverse, but focuses on the following key areas: Developing Individuals, Developing Teams, Developing Organisations and Development Support.

Curtain Call

No one can deny the euphoria you feel when taking your bow in front of an appreciative audience. Your team must rehearse and perform a 5-10 minute scene from a famous play within a set time. Perform from our list including: The balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet; "I want some more' or 'Consider Yourself' from Oliver; Master of the House from Les Miserables. More info

Customer Service Excellence

Customer Care is not just about training your Customer Service department, but is more to do with the underlying culture of the organisation and all its employees. We provide consultancy and development support on all aspects relating to customer care. More info

Den of Dragons

To help develop skills, identify high flyers and embed learning, Pearlcatchers have created The Den of Dragons – a brand new event based on the popular television series that does just that. More info

Diamond Dome

Discover the skills, knowledge and creativity of your teams as they work through individual, paired and team challenges.Test their minds and bodies as they explore the six different zones ofThe Diamond Dome! More info

Fits Like a Glove

Each team member is allocated puzzle. The task of the team is to complete the jigsaw indicated on their plan. As it becomes obvious that each team does not have all the pieces they need to complete the puzzle, the sooner they realise that they cannot succeed without working together. More info

Happy Hunting

Armed only with your 'mission statement', map and a Polaroid camera, you then set out to complete a series of tasks, which will include: Recreating famous works of art; Scavenging for items on your mission statement - and use your ingenuity, not just your cash to obtain them. More info

Hold the Front Page

‘The Aliens Have Landed’! Is the real thing or just a fantastic hoax? Activities that the team will be involved in include trying to break alien codes, interviewing ‘experts’, bargaining for secret taped messages, examining ‘physical evidence’ and ensuring that London is kept fully updated at all times – after all you never know when you might be kidnapped by the aliens! More info

Inner Clown

Invaluable learning for our personal and professional life can come from discovering and playing with our 'inner clown'. This is an approach based on connecting to our innate ability to play. Through finding our own unique way of being a clown, we can access an enhanced openness and attentiveness, a heightened sense of empathy, a higher degree of presence and spontaneity and a resourceful way of being when things go wrong! More info


Laughing is so beneficial to our lives. The positive effects of laughter, joy and happiness on the mind, body and spirit continue to be extensively documented in modern medicine. Laughter encourages a happier, more cohesive and productive workforce; relieves stress and anxiety; boosts the immune system; and stimulates creativity. Let us lead you in laughter and improve your teams productivity. More info

Leadership Development

Developing the style and approach that differentiates a manager from a leader requires our new approach. Every manager has the opportunity to develop their leadership potential, having a positive effect on their motivation, performance and productivity of those they work alongside, whether this is a small team or a whole organization. We can lead you to your full potential. More info

Lights Camera Action!

If you ever thought you could do better than some of the Hollywood heroes, here is your chance. Armed with a video camera, themed costumes/props, an idea for a script and of course a clapper board, teams are let loose to record their own 3-minute masterpiece. More info


Londopoly is a treasure hunt in London that will immerse participants in the city by encouraging them to visit as many of the sites on the traditional Monopoly board as possible. More info

Love Letters

Love Letters is an interactive team activity based on the work of Richard Pascale, a practitioner of 'chaos management'. Love Letters is an excellent tool both for breaking down departmental silos and identifying underlying issues and root causes. More info

Mission Possible

A fast paced and challenging game where members of each team are special agents with a mission of the utmost importance and secrecy. With team development challenges and time restrictions, each time must not self destruct! More info

Murderous Intentions

Join us for suspence, high jinks and murderous intentions. Our murder mystery evenings can be tailored to your organisation. Murderous Intentions is presented entirely by actors, or why not choose Murderous Inventions using a mixture of actors and guests, or throw yourselves into the action with Murder A La Carte where you take on all the roles, with the help of our Inspector. More info

Organisational Change programme

A series of complementary activities, which focus on all three of the core attributes needed by effective change management professionals: Knowledge to understand the drivers and process of change; Familiarity with the tools available to support change; and Skills necessary to apply the tools/knowledge successfully. More info

Pick ‘n’ Quiz

Our quiz nights are entertaining, humorous and challenging. Pick from our many rounds including – Catchphrase; Music to your Ears; Those Were the Days; Where in the World; and The Human Body. You choose the rounds, we supply an evening of fun. We can tailor the rounds to your organisation. More info

Team Workout

The Team Workout is a selection of activities which last from 30-60 minutes, focus on different aspects of teamwork and communication and give the opportunity for all team members to use their own unique skills and knowledge. More info

The Apprenticeship

Our event / business simulation - The Apprenticeship - gives you the chance to put your current and potential managers to the test by setting them one or more of our range of business challenges. Throughout each challenge they will use a range of skills, from creativity to leadership, from planning to negotiation and from budgeting to risk management. More info

Totem Pole Tales

Every picture tells a story - and this is also the case with a totem pole. Each team member is responsible for designing their own section of the totem pole in isolation. The team will then come together and build a totem pole out of the individual sections. More info

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