Saddleworth Llama Trekking Centre & Animal Farm

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Saddleworth Llama Trekking Centre & Animal Farm

Saddleworth, Lancashire, OL3 5UB

Higher Oxhey Farm in Denshaw, high on Saddleworth moor, is home to our own Llama Trekking Centre and Animal Farm. Over the years we have expanded the Farm and it now happily houses many rare breed animals.

We have been developing quite an unusual business over the last few years and would now like to reach a wider base. In brief we run treks from our farm in Saddleworth whereby groups of walkers get to see the fantastic moors and visit the delightful villages that make up Saddleworth, all the while leading our lovely llamas, which in turn carry their belongings.

There is a choice of routes and destinations and our walks can be designed to accommodate picnics or stops at coffee shops and country pubs. The duration of the walks and difficulty level can also be tailored to suit the walker's needs and some are particularly suited to children.

Our llamas have been trained to be comfortable with people and they are very gentle animals. They are very quiet but sometimes make a delightful humming noise when "talking" to each other.

Llama Trekking

2 Hour Trek

This is a lovely easy walk around Oxhey Top and Heights Church in Delph. There are great views and lots of wildlife to see. Great for children or those who just want to experience walking a llama. Bring a picnic and have it on rout or your welcome to picnic at the farm.

4 Hour Trek

This trek covers 5 miles with several stops to take in the views of our lovely Saddleworth country side that takes us through Casteshaw and up Lark Hill where the views are breathtaking then down into Delph village where there are pubs and cafes so you can make a choice for your lunch or just bring a picnic for the llamas to carry for you.

5 Hour Trek

This takes us along from Denshaw into Castleshaw where we call to see the Roman Fort where the banks and ditches have been reconstructed to give visitors an in-depth history of the fort.

5 Hour Trek

Over the Pennine Bridleway ,very quiet, no traffic until we get to the Rams Head where there is a restaurant, cafe and farm shop where you have a choice of what to eat or just bring a picnic.

Children's Parties

Have your party on the farm with all the animals. We offer an hour hands on tour around the farm where you get to stroke and hold the llamas, pigs, chicks, lambs and go in the field to feed the sheep. Then you have your snacks and Birthday cake in the Lodge

Once you have eaten then we get to play games around the farm depending upon the children's age. This can also involver carrying a chicken around as the children love the closeness' we give upon the farm.

Hen Parties

Why not book a llama trek for your Hen Party !!! Great Fun !!! Do something different!!

Hen Parties Llama Treks can last upto 3 hours with a stop at local pub for a cooked meal and drinks.

Go on, Have a go - you can even Dress up.


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