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In a different life I attended a great many ‘corporate events’. What struck me about all of them was their lack of originality. With VirtualEventz my aim was very clear - I wanted to give people fun and still achieve my clients’ business objectives.

VirtualEventz is the ideal company for:

• Clay Pigeon Shooting

• Golf Simulator

• Laser Shot

• Full Motion Racing Simulator

• Racing Simulator

• Arcade Machines

• Crazy Golf

• Human Table Football

In today’s challenging climate, everyone is looking for added value and rightly so. Corporate entertaining, team-building opportunities, fund-raising events – they all need something that sets them apart. So I set about finding the very best entertainment, combined with the very best service I could offer. VirtualEventz was the result. From clay pigeon shooting to championship golf, goal scoring opportunities to G-force challenges.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Using authentic, de-activated 12-bore shotguns, advanced Lasersport technology enables players to fire an infrared beam at the reflective and reusable clays while the sophisticated sound effects realistically replicate the report of the gun. Up to five participants can shoot at the same targets which may be launched from a variety of positions at different speeds and angles. A number of games are available, requiring different levels of skill and accuracy.

Laser Shot

Laser Shot is a realistic shooting simulator suitable for all ages and abilities. Players can test their skill and judgement by shooting at virtual targets on a large screen. Relive the glorious twelfth throughout the year with realistic game shoots. Replicate the most popular field sports including quail, pheasant and grouse shoots with our advanced graphics. Pit your skills against the most sophisticated clay pigeon targets available.

Golf Simulator

GPS Golf Simulation software is the world’s most advanced golf simulator providing an experience that is as close to playing golf as possible without actually being on the course. Some of the world’s leading golf courses are projected on to the high definition screen, real balls are hit with real clubs and the simulator does the rest in virtual reality.

Racing Simulator

Combining the advanced technology of Sony’s award-winning Gran Turismo 5 Prologue software with GamePod racing simulators, players can choose from a range of cars, courses and race types. The superb graphics, realistic sound effects and authentic performance make this a winning formula.

Human Table Football

Players are attached to plastic poles that move from side to side across a giant pitch with ultra-safe cushioned sides. Using a soft football, participants must work in unison to achieve a result. No spinning!

Vision Racer

Experience the latest and most realistic F1 and rally driving technology with Virtual Eventz’ Vision Racer simulator. Designed and developed by motorsport professionals, Vision Racer is the pinnacle of high speed, off-road driving – and the perfect focal point for events, exhibitions, promotions and corporate days.

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