The Wargame Company (Tavistock)

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The Wargame Company (Tavistock)

Tavistock, Devon, PL19 0ES

Enjoy an adrenalin packed fun day out at our venue set in a 120 acre wood full of exciting and challenging scenarios near Tavistock, West Devon.

For those looking for an alternative to paintball we offer state of the art Battlefield Live laser gaming featuring instant hit feedback at ranges upto 200 metres.

Ready, aim, FUN.

Over twenty years of giving our clients the best.

Battlefield Live Combat

Battlefield Live Combat, also known as laser games although there are no lasers involved, is far more exhilarating than your usual indoor laser game with its one or two small limited game areas.

We cater for children’s/family/school/youth groups with our 2 hour session as well as running more advanced missions for adults/teenagers on our 3.5 and 6 hour sessions. We have had several groups from The Armed Forces participate and with the Royal Marines onboard HMS Bulwark using BF Sports guns for training whilst they were at sea during 2009, you can see this is not just a kiddies game.

The laser combat games are run safely in conjunction with our existing paintball games making use of some of the amazing scenarios we have on site. On our longer sessions we also use our 12 acre MilSim (Military Simulation) area for patrol/ambush/sniper games. Great for the Call of Duty fans!

Experience a live gaming challenge. You've played your favourite first person shooter, now pull yourself away from your computer and have all the fun of a multiplayer computer game with the chance to get some fresh air as well.

Teamwork is what this is all about as scoring is done by team objectives gained rather than an individual building up points which you get with indoor laser tag.


We don't say we are the best paintball site in the southwest, our players do!

You're here to play paintball so we aim to play 8+ games of paintball in a half day and up to (if not over) 12 games of paintball in a full day. (The record stands at 17).

Your goggles are cleaned and demisted for you by us before each paintball game and you get to watch (if shot out early) most of the games up close from weatherproof safe zones with your paintball mask off. We are the only paintball site in the Plymouth/Southwest area, if not the UK with multiple safe zones.

You will be using one of the most advanced non-electronic semi-automatic paintball guns on the market, the Tippmann A5. Your paintball mask will be the VForce or Proto rental paintball mask. You will also be equipped with a mesh snood (balaclava) with padding over the ears throat and forehead and comfortable clean one piece DPM camouflage coveralls.

All players use our paintball guns. You will not be outgunned by somebody with their own gun that has all the latest super gucchi kit attached. Here it is all about how well you play, not how big your gun is.

Our friendly paintball umpires take a very professional attitude in their task of ensuring you have a safe, fun, well organised, action packed time with us and are always on hand to give assistance whenever you need it.

We must be doing something right as up to 75% of our business is repeat business and the bulk of our new business is from personal recommendations. Started in 1989 we now have over 22 years of experience in running a cracking day out for you. Come on down and find out for yourself.

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